Rhino.Inside: How to assign a (structural) material from a Revit material library?


Rhino.Inside offers the function to change element parameters, however for some reason I cannot address the ParamterKey Structural Material. This material should be generated from the Revit material library. As you can see, also the Parameter Key gets an error.

I also tried it with a create material component, but this also did not help.

So, how to correctly assign a (structural) material from a Revit material library to an element?

Hopefully someone knows the answer!

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try getting the key from the inspect element

Thank you Rickson!
I tried to get the key, but unfortunately it did not work with structural material…

I got this error:

However, the element is not in a different document.

That might be a different issue, have you updated to the latest release?

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Should be fine I think :thinking:

I believe he was referring to the WIP release available through the RiR tab (more pulldown on left)

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