Rhino.Inside dont load

This same issue/error happened to me a few weeks ago. I troubleshot for a while, and to my surprise by opening Rhino7WIP outside of Revit and then simply closing it after its boot menu the issue seemed to be fixed when opened Rhino.Inside within Revit. Not sure if this was a happenstance or it had something to do with the licensing but could be insightful for you Kike.

Fast forward to this week, I ran into the same error message as Sergei. After reinstalling the latest Rhino.Inside WIP that Kike posted yesterday the problem was fixed and I am now able to open RIR. That being said, after executing that new installer, I am now running into the issue posted here:

RhinoInside not finding Revit categories/ levels/ etc

Not sure if the new installer and this error are correlated or for that matter change the thread topic, but thought it would be worth sharing the information in case it helped in out in anyway. .