Rhino.Inside command line frozen

Has anyone experienced the command line freezing in R.I Revit?

I have it twice now; it seems to be related to a time delay when I have a command running (in Rhino) and switch programs or step away from the workstation for a while; twice now I return and the command line is frozen.

Only solution break I found is to quit Revit from the Task Manager then open the autosave file.

Is it possible that the computer is going into sleep mode?

Or, is Rhino and Grasshopper still up in the background? If you get in this situation, on the Revit Icon on the Taskbar do you see 3 previews? Revit, Rhino and Grasshopper. It is possible to get a prompt or dialog caught in the background behind other windows. Clickig on the Rhinoceros Icon on the Revit Rhinoceros toolbar can bring everything forward?

Hi Scott,

I typically look for the hidden dialing boxes and none are found (but will consciously check closer next time).
-not sleep mode (no sleep since corona Remote Desktop connection); I am physically at the workstation now.
-the Rhino icon in Revit 2019.2 is greyed out
-grasshopper was open, but not active

I was trimming a few hundred poly surfaces in Rhino. Where I select my cutting geometry, then select smaller batches of geometry to trim… let Rhino split the geometry, go to another task, then return to split the next set.
—when I returned, the command was frozen. I think I was trimming last week also, when it happened.