Interface is locked because a command is running in Rhino

Hello there, for the first time ever, I am locked out of my revit, my grasshopper and my rhino because a command in Rhino is being typed but can’t be interacted with.
Everything else is locked waiting for that command to be typed and entered but I can’t access it.
Therefore I am tottally locked out.
Why impose a lock status of Revit when typing a command ? It just happen that it locked me out.
(The Rhino interface is not present in this screenshot because I can’t access it but trust me, a command is being typed)

That one is always a bit of a puzzler, restarting Rhino (in this case Revit) clears it up. David Rutten has looked into it but no consistently repeatable, if it is repeatable it’s typically a plugin.

Here one person found a solution for their keyboard jump, doubt it would resolve this case.