Rhino Inside - Cannot Deserialize the current JSON Object

Hi all,

I’ve followed the instructions for the installation, the build works until I open Revit and then get the following error. I have a valid licence for Rhino, but it seems that it can’t deserialize this data. I don’t get an error when opening Rhino WIP (although it does say that Rhino WIP will only be available for 43 days), but is functional. Nor do I get any breaks when debugging via attached process for the plugin. Any ideas why this is happening? (@kike?)



Any help will be much appreciated.


Hi @daniel.woodcock,

That is indeed very strange.

Is there any chance you are using Newtonsoft.Json in your code or in any libraries you might be using? A conflicting version of the library could be the issue. I can’t think of anything else right now.

Do you have any extra plug-ins or components installed? It might be worth testing without these in place.

I also found this, which seems very similar:

I’m still not convinced that is the issue, but it looks like the same problem.

There are some instructions here, to test what @stevebaer pointed out before.
Could you please try?

Hi @aj1,

Thanks for getting back to me!

I’m not personally using Newtonsoft.json in any code I’m running, but I can’t say that for other plugins. I know Dynamo uses Newtonsoft.json (and I think maybe an older version). I can try unloading all plugins and test if the problem persists.


Ah, this is by Harry Mattison at BoostYourBIM. Sounds very useful, Thanks for sharing! I will test today and see what is causing the issue.

Ok, I found the culprit. (The Addin Manager didn’t work as expected so did manually) and turns out it was the Cad Technology Centre plugin “CTC-BIM-Manager-Suite.addin”.

Now it is working perfectly!

Thanks for all your help guys! :slight_smile: