Error Message while loading Rhino WIP

WIP version : 7.0.19189.20125
Revit: 2018.3

Got error message when I try to load WIP from Revit 2018. Please help. Thanks.

Yes, this is a conflict between two versions of the NewtonSoft.JSON library being used in Rhino, Revit and other Plugins that are already loaded in Revit. It is something we are actively trying to determine how to fix. While we are looking for a permanent fix, there are some workarounds we have determined that work as a temporary fix.

  1. Make sure to start Rhino 7 WIP on the computer without Revit running. Does it license properly? If it does not, let’s look at the error. I expect it will.
  2. The problem in Revit is probably a Revit plugin that is loading before Rhino.Inside loading. Remove (temporary move) each plugins out of the Revit plug folder until Rhino.inside runs. That is the conflicting plugin. Many times the plugin can be loaded after Rhino.inside is loaded. What plugin is conflicting?

Like I said we are working on this. But any information on specific plugins that are causing the conflict will help us understand how to create the problem in all cases.

What version of Revit are you running, including the dot versioning?
What plugins are loaded in Revit?

Thank you for giving this a try. We are scrambling to keep it stable in the crowded Revit environment.


Thanks for the reply. My Revit version is 2018.3. WIP can start without license issue. My company loaded quite a few plugins in Revit I am using. I will give the solution you mentioned a try and let you know if the problem goes away.

Thanks again.


Lei -

Yesterday afternoon we released a new Rhino 7 WIp that may solve the problem. Please install the newest update and see if the problem goes away with the JSON messages?