Rhino.Inside C++?

Is there a method currently to embed Rhino inside Cpp application?

Thanks in advance.

As long as you can spin up some .NET environment. There is Rhino Inside Python, where Python is CPython…

What does that mean?

This is technically possible, but probably not very feasible as of today. What C++ application are you trying to run Rhino.Inside of?

What is the problem?


Resources, documentation, technical expertise, and priorities. I’ve already written a C++ sample which embeds Rhino.Inside of Illustrator which is a C++ SDK. This is by no means easy and I don’t have the bandwidth to be able to support this. My current focus is on getting .NET based architectures to work with Rhino.Inside.

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Thanks Steve,

I’ll take a look into the example.

Could you (or someone else) please just add a readme file to that repo explaining what’s what?

Thanks in advance.

There already is a readme at the root of the repo. Feel free to submit a PR if you want to make any tweaks

What I meant was explaining what the source files do without having to open and read through them. Like in the given example the folder “Library” is the actual RhinoPlugin and the “Plugin” folder is the connection between Ilustrator SDK and RhinoCommon. (I haven’t read through them yet so just guessing)

Thanks anyways. I’ll do my best to understand and implement something.