Embed Different Python Engine

Please do! :smiley:
It would be great to be able to use new packages within Rhino/Grasshopper that only support Python 3.6+

RhinoInside looks really promising - congrats!

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Instructions on how to do it here - though they are a bit minimal to say the least “It is also possible…” :frowning:

Thanks @Dancergraham!

Why would they step back to C++ if they’ve moved almost completely to C#?
I think IronPython’s capability is good enough. Also there are plenty libraries in nuget to cover all CPython modules. Problem is the learning curve of IronPython using .net libraries is a bit steep. At least for me. I definitely need more IronPython examples. IronPython3 is something I’m impatiently waiting for.

Well ideally we could have both :slight_smile:

Let me count the ways… :wink:

  • To get access to the last 10 years of Python language and core library improvements including improved asynchronous coding support.
  • To get access to the next 10 years of Python language and core library improvements.
  • To get access to the popular scientific packages numpy, pandas, matplotlib, bokeh,…
  • To get access to the popular machine learning ecosystem in Tensorflow,…
  • To have the popular web frameworks flask, pyramid and django directly inside Python
  • To simplify co-coding with Rhino Inside
  • because the Python 2 death clock is ticking
  • Because IronPython3 is being developed by 1.5 people in their spare time. They have a long way to go to reach their stated goal of Python 3.4 compatibility. Python 3.4 is dropping out of support soon as it is 5 yrs old. Many new packages only support 3.5 or newer.
  • CPython has dozens of core developers, hundreds of contributors and one of the most dynamic open source communities surrounding it.

Thanks for the heads up on nuget- I wasn’t aware of it. I will check it out


When I started my first steps in Python it was already Python 3.4.
And I was wondering why is it that there are still so many people and apps supporting Python2.7. I wasn’t able to find Python 3 books and I got frustrated because many things just didn’t work. I don’t know how many years already Python2.7 is still widely used. Even after the end of this year there will be thousands of apps using it.

:slight_smile: I heard about this yesterday I don’t even know what it means. :rofl:

Hopefully Bill’s company will take over IronPython3 and give it a kick start with his army of programmers.

True but most new code is now written in 3

Here’s my favourite introduction :

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A little OT, OK :confused:

But if this does not happen …

Shouldn’t it be better to use an officially supported dotNET language for scripting Rhino ?

Say F# or C# … ?

We’ll support whatever makes sense.

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I would hate that, honestly. C# for scripting.
I find GH’s c# scripting component a mess so much unnecessary lines in there while GhPython is so clean starting just within the RunScript method.

and all these {} blocks especially in javascript like syntax is confusing (bordering annoying)

// I hate this bracket behind the function.

Everyone has their favorite language. I’m more concerned about making sure people can get their work done and in an environment they are comfortable with. We’re not going to abandon one language is we decided to start supporting another. Heck, I don’t even want to abandon python 2.7 if we start to support python 3.
Our SDK is also open enough that other people can (and have) implement their own programming language support.


Btw, I speak ill about c# and vb, still I started learning both of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Does that mean an implementation of PyPy is quite possible as well?