Rhino, help!

I know that in Rhino there is the possibility of taking into account the physics of the “solid state”. Please tell me how to get to it. Maybe links to some lessons. Thanks!

Hi @bay.benbow
You need to be way more specific with your questions! What is:

and can you give us an example? Do you have a file we can take a look at or at least a description of what you are trying to achieve? The following link was written for Grasshopper, but how to ask effective questions goes for all areas of Rhino (and any other forum, for that matter):

HTH, Jakob


Я исправлюсь. Просто у меня не все хорошо с английским, и это мой первый опыт на данном форуме.

Hello - plain Rhino does not have collision detection in the way you show - Kangaroo and Grasshopper may be able to help:


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Можна писать на русском, некоторые понимают

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