Making solids that do not invade the physical space of other solids

I´m not sure if it can be done. Is there a way to make a solid that doesn´t get into the physical space of another one? In other words, If I have 2 spheres and move one over the other one, like in real life, it won´t let you or stop you where both spheres meet.
I need to make a 3D box and try to fit inside as many products as I can (These are real life 3D modeled products). It gets complicated because they keep getting into each others space.
I would really aprpeciate any insights. Many Thanks!

Of course this is possible.
There is lots of software to simulate various physical conditions of the real world.

To do this inside Rhino, you should check out a combination of Rhino, Grasshopper and Kangaroo.
The following video shows an application of the Kangaroo’s Physics engine that might be similar to Your problem.

video Link

Cheers, Norbert

Hi Norbert,
Thank you so much for your reply! I´ll check kangaroo out. I appreciate it.