Rhino Help in EditPythonScript for Mac

Apologies if this has been asked. But I am using Atom to create and run scripts on OSX.

This is working very well with autocomplete and help for the specific function being called. However my question is can I access the help which I am familiar with from the EditPythonScipt editor in windows, which will allow the user to browse all available functions, much like the standard windows help in many programs?

I expected to find the library of all available rhinoscript commands and naively thought the Rhinoceros help would contain this, but as i’ve opened it, this is general Rhino help, not rhinoscriptsyntax specific and when i search for rhinoscript I get no results

Many thanks


@jpteal, you might use the online docs:



Excellent, many thanks @clement

Much appreciated and hope this will prove useful for future users.