Rhinoinside for Rhino 8

Hi everyone.
I am a bit confused, so maybe someone could clarify - is there an option to use rhinoinside Python library with Rhino 8?
I mean the one that is used for working with Rhino in ‘headless’ mode using Python?

Like this?

Hello, Scott.
Thanks for your answer.

Currently i am using python library library rhinoinside that is mentioned in the topic you have forwarded. But as far as i see in the documentation of this library here (rhinoinside · PyPI) Rhino 7 is a mandatory requirement. And on my working PC i have both Rhino7 and Rhino 8 with floating licenses. And the task i was trying to achieve - to force Python to use particularly Rhino 8 when Rhino 7 license is unavailable.

UPD. I managed to use Rhino 8 in my case by printing path to folder of Rhino 8 where RhinoCommon.dll is stored. In my case it was something like this

import rhinoinside
rhinoinside.load(“C:/Program Files/Rhino 8/System”)