Rhino Grasshopper Voronoi Cell Size Point Attractor

Hi there,
english is not my first language, so I will try to express myself clearly.
I’m trying to do facade panels in Rhino+Grasshopper with voronoi cells.
For the force distribution I need smaller cells in the middle and bigger ones more to the corners. So the closer the cells are to the middle point the smaller they get.
The problem with the normal attractor is the distance between the cells, which gets bigger, I don’t need this.
I was able to create a few examples, but those are not what I really want.
In the first one (1) there are only 2 sizes, created with a circle.
In the second one (2) there is this movement to the center points, but it looks awkward.
I have also tried to do it with MagnetSnap in Kangaroo but, it just shows errors, I don’t know how to solve them “-”

Maybe some of you know how to solve this problem, Thank you in advance

UnevenCellVoronoi_re.gh (14.9 KB)


Yes, that is what I’ve done in the very beginning. But the small cells are not distributed all over the place, so that’s not what I’m looking for…

I drew a quick sketch in illustrator.
Is this sth in your mind?

  • Two size only
    Remarks: hard to do with voronoi because they are in nature random. Maybe just make it so their area is same?

  • Distributed in the triangle

  • at the center the smaller cells are denser, and gets less dense around the edge.

Not sure if it’s quite what you are after, but I wrote a component a while back to do what @Wiley has sketched out, or at least similar to it. It might help you distribute points in the way you mention (I think). You will need to pop the gha in your library folder, I could redo the thing as a c# script but only if it’s worth spending time on it I guess. Let me know.


Repulsion.gh (10.8 KB)

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Yes, it goes into the right direction! Nice. My group had a consultation, and we still need to make some changes, till now i don’t know how much is going to be changed, so maybe a little bit later on. Thank you all.