Rhino / Grasshopper to Modo


We teach Rhino, Grasshopper and then animate and render it all using Modo for the University of Oregon (Kinetic Architecture) and Emily Carr Unversity or Art and Design

We are very happy with this workflow. Each semester we train around 140 students… (since over 10 years now)

Modo cannot open Rhino6, so we save as Rhino5 and GH cannot be imported to Modo. It will be great too see more cross over between those 2 softwares…

Anyone ?
All the best

This is an EASY one…especially with the WIP version of Rhino 7 and the Sub-D. You can use the quad remesher which makes it all Quads which you can then export as (.obj). Which then comes into Modo. It will be important to have the geometry as separate body which will make it easier to then apply materials.

If using Rhino 6 you can still export out as an (.obj). There are three options you can then use the Auto Retopology tool inside of Modo. It does a pretty good job. The second option would be to take a look at the Add-in for Modo called Power Translator which offers CAD data to be imported into Modo. The third option is a plug in for Modo from a company called Exoside that has a Quad Remsher inside of Modo.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Arthur ! Yes the Quad Remsher from Exoside is amazing. We ve been using it. If you save as V5.0 it comes in nicely. It’s more Grasshopper to Rhino that we would love to see

Thanks again

Can you be a bit more specific? If there’s geometry generated from Grasshopper that shows in Rhino, what’s the stop gap that is preventing getting the data from there to Modo?

Not the meshes, the pos and rot of objects mostly
There use to be Centripede plugins, but it was limited and it’s no more developed !

If I’m understanding correctly you’re looking to send the animation made with centipede inside of Rhino into Modo to then render out with said animation?

If that’s the case and the plug-in is no longer being developed then it sounds like you’ll have to do the animation side of things in Modo which should be a pretty easy transition.

Re rigging sometimes up to 100 LED panel rotating all in a different pattern is so much work this is why GH bridge to Modo will be so much use. I ve heard so many companies asking for it…

So this is where diving into Modo’s Schematic view will be of help. It is possible to plug in the Centers/Pivots for each mesh which can then be controlled with a Random Rotation. Considering that the animation aspect is much further along than Rhino and GH the flexibilities of how this also feeds into texturing system adds an additional level of control for the animation system.

Don’t get me wrong having the connection btw Rhino-GH and Modo would help for some people but also know that something like this already exist inside of Modo.