Rhino.Geometry.PolyCurve in V5 turned into "PolylineCurve" in V6?

Hi @dale,

while testing a V5 script compatibility for V6 i got one strange error:

Message: ‘PolylineCurve’ object has no attribute ‘SegmentCurve’

After tracking this down i’ve found that in V5, i am processing a PolyCurve geometry before calling the SegmentCurve method on it. However in V6, the same geometry is now reported as a PolylineCurve. I am not sure if this is to be expected, the curve in question is in fact a polyline in Rhino 6 with 2 linear segments, it is listed in properties as:

Open polyline with 3 points.

but in Rhino 5 it is listed as:

Open polycurve with 2 curve segments.


Hi @clement,

Where did the curve come from?

I do recall a push to simplify geometry. This looks like such an example.

– Dale

Hi @dale, it came from a larger polycurve with 250 segments by extracting. The extraction was done by splitting the larger polycurve with 2 points.

that explains it.