Polyline versus PolylineCurve

Can someone tell me the different between datatypes : Polyline and PolylineCurve?

Is there any difference which one is faster?

Polyline inherits from Rhino.Collections.Point3dList and PolylineCurve inherits from Rhino.Geometry.Curve. Meaning that they expose different properties/methods from their parents. Which is faster would depend on the use case. Hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

Hi Anders, Good to hear from you :slight_smile:
Polyline is some sort of array of points, I think in my case it is better to use this.
I see that methods within these types are totally different.
Thanks it is clear now.

Yup, it’s basically a point array with some additional methods (GetSegments, CenterPoint, PointAt etc.). Note that PointAt works a bit differently than we’re used to from curves (with “the integer part of the parameter indicates the index of the segment”). I like Polylines a lot :wink: