Rhino freez when 2nd rendering phase -Print IMG

Hi, I have a 3D image I have created, I did the rendering (counts till 1000 in about 35min), then when I select PRINT and usק the IMG output, it shows a progress bar that stays at zero progress while mouse indication become moving circle (actually its stuck). what could be the reason?

What Renderer are you using? Are you trying to Print a render straight out of Rhino? And out of Rhino or from the Render window? Why? Just save an image and use Photoshop or just Windows itself.


I am using Rhino 6.

I am rendering out of Rhino as there is an option like that. Is there a way to render in Photoshop??and how do I render in windows? dont you need rendering software?

Count till 1000 sounds like you use the Raytraced mode. Use the -_ViewCaptureToFile or -_ViewCaptureToClipboard commands.