Rhino for Mac WIP with eval key... possible?


Going to be giving a quickie student demo using GH and I was hoping the Mac people (more than half the class) would be able to follow along. Many have bought licenses but a few are still on eval for this semester. If not, no biggie, they will have to share screens with their PC friends.


(Brian James) #2

Looks like it requires a commercial license currently to run the Rhino for Mac WIP.


ehm i am not sure but when i click that link it explains that if i have no license the demo will expire in 90 days. registered email required. and GH stops working when the evaluation has expired… but till then it should work?

(Brian James) #4

I was referring to the line “The Rhino for Mac WIP requires a Commercial license to run.” on that page to answer Mitch’s question. I don’t see information on the download page that matches what you mention though. Are you on another page maybe?


well it does not write about grasshopper explicitly, thats just what i know that it stops
when the evaluation has ended.

(Brian James) #6

Are you referring to the Rhino 5 for Windows evaluation? If that’s the case, then yes, in the Windows Rhino eval the Grasshopper plugin is installed separately as a plugin and after the eval expires plugins will not load. In the case of the Rhino for Mac WIP however, there isn’t a plugin installed and the WIP can constantly be updated so it won’t expire. Since it requires a commercial license it’s also not an evaluation but rather access to the Work In Progress. I hope that makes sense.