Is Grasshopper available in the Evaluation version of Rhino 5



I have been to multiple places on the forums and it seems the answer is yes and no and maybe.

Just looking for a simple yes or no:
As of January 2017 can a person download the Evaluation version of Rhino v5 on the Mac using El Capitan and type grasshopper in the command box and actually use grasshopper?

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

The simple answer is No.


Thank you! All I needed to know.

(Dan Belcher) #4

The above answer by @wim is correct.

Grasshopper for Mac is only available in the RhinoWIP for Rhino 5 for Mac. Since Rhino 5 for Mac - the full Commercial release - and the RhinoWIP share the same license key, it is possible to “evaluate” the RhinoWIP (and thereby test out Grasshopper for Mac in it’s current Work-In-Progress state). Keep in mind, you should not use the RhinoWIP for production work and Grasshopper for Mac should not be considered “done” by any stretch of the imagination.