Is Grasshopper available in the Evaluation version of Rhino 5

I have been to multiple places on the forums and it seems the answer is yes and no and maybe.

Just looking for a simple yes or no:
As of January 2017 can a person download the Evaluation version of Rhino v5 on the Mac using El Capitan and type grasshopper in the command box and actually use grasshopper?

The simple answer is No.

Thank you! All I needed to know.

The above answer by @wim is correct.

Grasshopper for Mac is only available in the RhinoWIP for Rhino 5 for Mac. Since Rhino 5 for Mac - the full Commercial release - and the RhinoWIP share the same license key, it is possible to “evaluate” the RhinoWIP (and thereby test out Grasshopper for Mac in it’s current Work-In-Progress state). Keep in mind, you should not use the RhinoWIP for production work and Grasshopper for Mac should not be considered “done” by any stretch of the imagination.