License for Mac 5 WIP?

So where do we get this, the link to buy sends me to the Windows Rhino buy page. No option to buy Mac version.

Do we just use the evaluate for now? Downloading anyway.

Yes. You have 90-days before you will need to purchase.

We don’t have everything ready to sell licenses yet… hopefully in 45 days or less.

Thanks, looking forward to using this.

Release Candidate 1… <sniff> They grow up so fast! :joy:

Woah, this is suddenly going fast! :smile:

I still remember, joining in for the beta in November 2012!! It was great.

Whoa… i joined the beta program October 10, 2010. Wow. I had no idea it had been over 4.5 years!

Actually, the first Rhino for Mac WIP was in… 2007. I remember joining the old forum. IIRC, @jeff_hammond and @rhinorudi were already there… Don’t remember who else. --Mitch

The good ole days! It has been a fun ride.

Where has the time gone?

Will we need a full Win Rhino 5 license, not upgrade from 4 … to purchase Rhino for Mac?

No a V5 upgrade from V4 should work as far as I know. If this is not the case, I would be surprised. People aren’t penalized for having followed an upgrade path… :smile: --Mitch

It does indeed.

i don’t understand.
why does someone need a windows license in order to purchase rhino for mac?

I think this is about special pricing for Rhino Windows users…

i see now… thanks

For the special Beta Testers pricing you need to have a valid Windows Rhino 5 license. For the rest of the people they will have to wait until it is officially released.

UPDATE: just installed 5.0… apparently I can still save… someone said previously that no one will be able to save on this trial version. Thanks for changing your mind:)

ha! so it doesn’t matter that the ones who got rhino mac directly helped? that sucks… like a lot.
Meanwhile, I got rhino for mac because I work on a mac, so now I can’t even save my work until I can buy rhino, but rhino for purchase is unavailable… you guys are killing me:)
Much Love,

No one changed their mind.
The old Mac Rhino WIP expired yesterday and will no longer save.
Everyone that downloaded the old Mac Rhino WIP received at least one email message saying the WIP would expire and quit saving on June 3, and that you needed to download and install the Release Candidate as an evaluation so you could save your work. Before the 90-days is up, Mac Rhino will be officially released and be for sale. It’s up to you then to buy a license when it’s available to keep using Mac Rhino after it’s released.

Did you not get that email message? It was posted here on Discourse too:

If you did, what didn’t you understand? How could we have conveyed the information in a way you would have understood it?

I go that, but along with that message, there was a message someone posted that from what I recall said that we would not be able to save anything in the evaluation release.
This is what I was referring to.
At this point I do not recall where I read that, or perhaps I misread that, but only that I did.
Thanks for clearing it up John.

Expired Rhino evaluations have never been able to save.
That must have been the confusion.

Sounds plausible. I understood that the evaluation (not expired, but fully functioning) will not be able to save.
Which, of course, would really suck, with no way of actually purchasing the full version meanwhile because it’s unavailable. See what I mean?:slight_smile: