Inflating a form in Rhino for Mac

Hi - I am trying to find a way to “inflate” a form in Rhino for Mac.

I came across a video for Rhino Membrane which seems like it would be perfect.
Obviously that’s not available to me as I only work in Mac.

I can build the form by hand - with curves and surfaces, but I’d really like to try this by applying “physics” to this instead.

Is there any way in Rhino for Mac to achieve this?

Sure, you can use the physics engine Kangaroo inside Grasshopper to simulate pneus/inflated objects. There are many tutorials out there and it’s pretty straightforward.

Thanks, but I don’t know grasshopper or kangaroo and don’t have time to learn.

I’m just feeling like there has to be a transform tool or an easy way to manipulate a mesh that can get me there almost as good.

What kind of form is it? Do you have some planar fixed boundary curve?

here you can see one “arm” of this form. It’s radially symmetrical - like a snowflake.

I have hand-built curves to give a shallow “inflated” form to the top “surface”

What I’d like to do is puff it out more - but in an organic way in Rhino - not in grasshopper etc.

As for whether or not I have a fixed boundary curve - I think you are referring to rhino membrane. I followed a rhino membrane tutorial thinking it was rhino and when I couldn’t create a fixed boundary curve that’s when I realized I wasn’t in kansas anymore.