Rhino 6 saves extremely large files (simple 2D drawing, no exploded block instances etc.)

I have quite simple 2D drawing, but Rhino 6 saves it as 700MB file (plugin data & textures disabled, save small enabled). Save geometry only produces 2,4MB Rhino file.

See link with sample files:

I ran the Audit3dmFile command on the big file and looked through the report.
Here are the big data things I found:

Embedded image Table:
2 embedded images, 2171514 bytes (offset 3627079 to 5798593)

There’s your big data.

I never had this file so big until SR18. Here you have the previous version with same embeded images, which takes 14,3MB only.

Export selected as v6 produces the same big file (700MB, save small checked, textures, plugins data, notes unchecked), export selected as version 4.0 gives neat 3MB 3dm file.

@John_Brock UPDATE: Issue is related to this geometry - results from Make2D on mesh 3D object. Each 2D pillow takes up to 340MB space on export.

Export selected to Rhino 6,5 - 640MB
Export selected to Rhino 2 - 135kB

both exports are here:

The first large file you posted named LIC-STUD-20190905.studie final CELEK.3dm (699,052,026 bytes). Running Audit3dmFile produces these items of interest:

Properties Section: 3604859 bytes (offset 431 to 3605290)
Settings Section: 21789 bytes (offset 3605290 to 3627079)
2 embedded images, 2171514 bytes (offset 3627079 to 5798593)
286 texture mappings with 112 plug-in data items, 688299386 bytes (offset 5798593 to 694097979)
0 materials, 24 bytes (offset 694097979 to 694098003)
3 linetypes, 689 bytes (offset 694098003 to 694098692)
23 layers with 1 plug-in data items, 6396 bytes (offset 694098692 to 694105088)
144 groups, 18838 bytes (offset 694105088 to 694123926)
1 annotation styles, 1424 bytes (offset 694123926 to 694125350)
0 lights, 24 bytes (offset 694125350 to 694125374)
9 hatchpatterns, 3144 bytes (offset 694125374 to 694128518)
5 block definitions, 45333 bytes (offset 694128518 to 694173851)
5980 objects with 5934 plug-in data items, 4647237 bytes (offset 694173851 to 698821088)
0 history records, 24 bytes (offset 698821088 to 698821112)
7 user tables, 230914 bytes (offset 698821112 to 699052026)

Largest item is 286 texture mappings with 112 plug-in data items, 688299386 bytes.

Same thing in the last file you posted (make2D result - pillows export selected tov6.3dm). The largest item is 174 texture mappings, 639756786 bytes.

I’m not sure if there is a way see this data in Rhino or delete it. I don’t know why you would need texture mappings since the only geometry in these files is curves. Perhaps there is a bug in Make2D.


I never used texture mapping on the curves/2D objects. Mapping is not displayed in the inspector panel and cannot be removed.

It seems like bug in Make2D command. @John_Brock