Rhino Export into AutoDesk Inventor: Solid lump?

I’m working with a consultant who when they import either a STEP file or 3DP file into Inventor, all parts come in as a giant lump and can’t be broken apart.

Any advice to break it into components?

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Hi David - you might try making a fake sort of assembly in Rhino - ‘Block’ the compontents, then save as STEP. Just a guess - I have not tried it yet, hang on a bit…

Yeah this seems to work with SolidWorks anyway.



In Rhino: Created Two solids. Selected both. Created Block. Exported both STEP and 3DP.
In Inventor 2014:
A) Imported STEP file. Can separate the two components by isolating, but can’t edit or move either item independently.
B) Imported 3DP file. Same as above.

I don’t have Inventor, so I’m handicapped in helping my consultant, but am told there is no Block Manager?

Hi David - Block each solid separately. In SW, anyway, this results in an assembly with two part files.
fakeAssm.step (19.2 KB)



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