Rhino Education version vs. Pro?

Newbie to Rhino (education version).
Experiencing feature differences in Education vs. Pro…are their differences between these programs?
I’m a newbie but via Infiinite Skills tutorials experiencing differences between pro version and Student.
i.e. extruding planar curve via gumball (select planar curve>drag gumball arrow direction of extrustion>hit Ctrl for 3d form extrusion)…only getting 2d line extrusion not the 3d solid (i.e. uncapped top and bottom).
Also in Student version in Preferences>Appearances>only Colors show up as editable…not advanced editing features.
thx in advance.

There is no difference between the versions.

  1. Extruding a curve will produce an open extrusion (uncapped). If you want a closed extrusion, extrude a surface instead.

  2. If you are looking for display modes to edit, they are under Options>View.

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks SO MUCH…that’s the problem being a neophyte…look’n forward to growing ASAP!!
Much appreciated.

This sounds more like a version difference like between Rhino V4 and Rhino V5.

Thanks Margaret…you’re absolutely right. Come to find out Infinite Skills tutorials were based on differing versions which I had no idea was the case but did learn that student and pro versions are exactly the same. It’s all good…thx.