Need to know about difference between Commercial and Student product ("It urgent")

I would like to elaborate this questions-

  1. I have doubt that in a student version, I will get all the features and tool as in commercial
  2. If during using of commercial version for 3-month free trial, shall I am able to use for
    business or any offline income source?
  3. I want to open an institute and as well as want to work as professional as freelancer aside,
    what is the best option in this condition?
  4. what exactly mean of Rhino 6 Lab License?

The capabilities are identical. Only the price and sales conditions (non-transferrable) are different.


Use your Edu license (if you have/qualify for one) until the next version of Rhino comes out, then upgrade to a commercial license.

Multi-user license (30 seats) for educational institutions (schools) only.

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