Rhino draco compressed mesh to .obj

Hi all,

I’m trying to find a way of convering a draco compressed rhino mesh to an .obj model. I’ve havd a look at the google node module found for draco encoding/decoding found here here, bur I can’t figure out if this uses the same encoding algorithm as rhino does.

What I’ve noticed is that the mesh compressed with rhino only uses data that can be read by a text editor while the example .drc file in the repo cannot be opened with a text editor so there is a discrepancy in the actual encoding technique. If you know if this is possible to do I’m curious to know, and if it is now posible I’d love other suggestions on how to convert a rhino3dm mesh object to an .obj.

I’m not able to upload a .drc file here so I put the usual .txt extension for this mesh if you want to try it yourself. It is just a rhino draco compressed mesh cube.

simple_rhino_draco_compressed_mesh.txt (428 Bytes)

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Where are you doing this conversion? You will need to decompress the mesh. If using rhino3dm.js, you can use DracoCompression - Documentation
For example:
const mesh = rhino.DracoCompression.decompressBase64String(data)