DracoCompression class for .NET Core (Rhino3dm)?

Hi I am developing in C# .NET Core3.1 and therefore using the Rhino3dm (7.14.0) nuget package.

I would like to do something similar to this JS snippet:

const mesh = rhino.DracoCompression.decompressBase64String(data)

The documentation says it is present in the Rhino.FileIO namespace of the RhinoCommon.dll for NET Framework. However it appears that the DracoCompression class is not yet included in the Rhino3dm.dll even though it is available in the Javascript implementation here.

Are there plans to include this class?
Is there a workaround in the meantime?

Any help appreciated

Hi @MonkeyFace,

I don’t know when this would be added. Keep in mind that Rhino3dm .NET is a wrapper around openNURBS. But I’ve added your request to the pile.



– Dale