Rhino does not render materials


So I have been having this issue for a while. I work on a rhino model and after a while, the materials don’t render anymore and the surfaces that have those materials and textures on them disappear completely. This just randomly happens any time. for example, I have made a layer for materials that should have a wood texture and it renders perfectly fine. But after a while it suddenly does not render those surfaces. it basically only renders those surfaces that do not have any materials on them. If my stairs are white, and have no material assigned to them, the stairs will be the only things that get rendered and everything else basically disappears. I really need help to fix this issue. I would usually be able to fix it by copying the whole model in a new file and rendering it there, but this time even that doesn’t work! can someone help me?

Thank you

Hi Mahya- are you using the built-in Rhino renderer? If so.please post a simple file that shows the problem, and I’ll take a look.


no, i’m using Vray for Rhino. I uploaded an example of what happens!

This is the link to a copy of the model that i am having issues with. I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look. As you can see, if I try assigning new materials to the surfaces that disappear when rendering, they either don’t render at all or they render white. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5t76y7xj9sslxx5/ERROR.3dm?dl=0

I seemed to have found the issue. I realized that this problem happened right after I imported a 3D bed model to the model I was working on. I just deleted the bed and all it’s component and the problem i was having just stopped. Do you happen to know why?