Rhino Documentation - Sectioning a Detail Viewport with Python


The video here shows a “automatic” way of creating a section from an elevation, similar to Inventor section creation. Is this a Rhino 6 feature that I have failed to discover, and failing to discovery in Rhino7



Hello - Clipping planes (ClippingPlane) or SectionTools are as automatic as it gets in Rhino.


thanks @pascal

in that case, i just made my own with rhinoscriptsyntax and rs.command. (still a WIP so super rough)

Awesome David. Any chance you can share the script? Please sir.

Are you working towards automatic architectural process for smaller buildings by chance?

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Section Detail.zip (125.6 KB)
Hi Luke

Here is the code, I have a GitHub repo but it looks embarrassing the way it’s setup.

I haven’t used this script for a while, sometimes it will give a section views that’s rotated 90deg because it’s trying to align to the work plane of the parent view, and I haven’t had a chance to fix it.

Let me know how you go with it.