Drafting and 2d drawings - Section View and Related Callout


I figured out how to use the Clipping Plane in a 2d drawing. I put a solid of the part on the 3 view drawing and used the Clipping Plane. I also realized that if I want an ISO view of the part on the drawing that I need to position that image of the part clear of the clipping plane.

(Maybe there is a better way, but this seems to work…)

My question now is how do I add the lines and arrows that will call out the section cut?


Hi Jim,

Wait until tomorrow. I will show you something for sectioning that should interest you.



Thanks, Dan. Looking forward to it.


Hi Jim,

Here is a tool I’ve had for a while, but have just recently re-written in Python. I took that opportunity to add a bit more functionality. Check it out:


It’s not ready for “prime-time” yet, but it’s close. Maybe I could get you to test this for me when it’s ready?




Wow. That is very cool. I’m a total newbie, so is this just a "plug in"
for Rhino 5? I would love to give it a try.

As of now, I am basically doing a “Dimension > Make 2-D Drawing”, putting
my title block/layout around it. I can see how I’d put some of these
section views into the layout, too, but since your tool works on the
polyshape, I guess I would be creating my own three view with 3 copies of
my part at different views…

(As an aside, sometimes the ISO view does not turn out right so I end up
putting a part in the drawing layout that I can manipulate more easily.)

Also, when you put those “steps” in the section so you catch both bolts and
the center hole, should the section view show vertical lines? Just
curious, this is probable more of a drafting standards question…


Yeah, the break lines are on my list of things to add before I consider this ready.

There is also the matter of making sure the user has the required hatch definitions to fill the arrows and create the sections.

I’ll let you know when I have something I consider ready for testing.




Well, one thing is for sure. If you send it to me and I can get it
installed and working, then your documentation and help files are complete.


That looks very neat @DanBayn :smiley:
Also possible to edit hatches or to tell which hatch to use where? ^^


I don’t include the hatch as part of the grouped section to allow for editing. It’s a pretty crude first kick at the can for automatic hatches.


How is your project coming along? Ready for some testers? :smile:


darnnit. @DanBayn your screen cast link is not working anymore.


Yeah, I’m posting a lot of videos for internal use, so I had to clean out some space to keep it free. This one probably got dumped in the process. If I get some time I will make another video and post the link here.



You can find it in this post: