Rhino crashes when exporting to CSV

Try to select all these blocks (only them). Run export selected to csv with these settings:

It crashes without a notice after few seconds.
20KE11004_3301-model_new_vystuz_DC2.3dm (6.0 MB)

Can anyone please have a look at it. I am in hurry to finish reinforcement schedule and this is a major setback for me :). Thanks

Some have nulls, is there a preferred replacement? N/A perhaps?

forum.csv (46.6 KB)

This uses Elefront to get the Attributes and LunchBox to create the CSV, pretty easy to join text with a comma that’s not desired. A few other plugins can read attributes as well.

I’ll try and replicate the CSV export error and file a bug report if i come up with anything.

Not all blocks have the same keys, one block has only one key “polozka” the rest has + “dlzka” and “priemer”. This means that N/A is maybe appropriate.

I dont think this is causing Rhino to crash because i tried to export only few blocks which all had the same keys so there must be something else.

Thanks for the tip, Elefront is a plugin i used to assign those attributes in the first place so I will just use lunchbox to export csv.

Good to hear. I typically just copy paste the CSV results into a new text file and change its file extension. There is the option to Stream the contents of a grasshopper panel, too.