Rhino Crash when using rs.OpenFileNames on Rhino 6

Hello i have an issue in Rhino 6

when using: rs.OpenFileNames
if i don’t select any files Rhino 6 immediately crash.

This problème doesn’t append with rs.OpenFileName (without the s)
and doesn’t append with rhino 7

Is it possible to fix it on Rhino 6 ?

Yep, I see that. The rhinoscriptsyntax code looks identical to V7, so this is maybe due to some bug in the V6 version of Rhino.UI.OpenFileDialog Class… Don’t know if they will go back and fix anything like that. @Alain ?

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yes your right :

the problème append in Rhino.UI.OpenFileDialog() when MultiSelect == True
I hope they will correct it one day.


The issue has been logged.

Sorry, since it’s a Rhino 6 only problem it will not be high priority unless many ask for the fix.

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