Rhino compute service

hello, can anyone help me what this means? ho do i start service ? if i type rhino.compute command to powershell, is not recognized. if i start ordinary rhino through shortcut on dektop i dont see rhino.compute running and i do not have any response on http://public-dns-or-ip/version but i see license in use on License portal by core hour.

open the Services application, and check the compute service there.

thanks i found services, but it seems it is not there, no rhino or rhino.compute in the list, when installing via powershell, it did asked me some login information right to the end of installation, before restart, can it be related to that? not sure what username and password to add there. we run on azure, it if makes difference

A service needs to be authenticated with an account on the server. This username and password should be an account with administrative rights.

ok so i did put wrong name and password first time, and the i rerun script with correct login info, but service is not in the list, should i uninstall it before running script again?

Hello again, so i have run this, it seems to work, is it correct or just some work around? do not see anything registered on services.

That is just running compute as an application. While it would work, it isn’t recommended. A service can restart automatically, for example.

If you used the bootstrap script, you should have a service called rhino.compute in the Services window.

I do not have service there, i have run bootstrap script as administrator via powershell.
I talked to one other IT expert, who was trying to set this on another azure server and he was also missing service like me.
Can it be related to azure? Have you anyone manage to run script on azure before?

thanks for help

We have a few new guides written by @AndyPayne, including this one for Azure: How to create a virtual machine (VM) on Azure with C#, VB

My issue was user name at registering service. it should be ‘.\userName’