Rhino Compute Service Not Working


I have been using compute_rhino3d package in Python recently but went to use it today and my authToken doesn’t seem to work anymore and I get the error “json.decoder.JSONDecodeError” returned.

I don’t suppose anyone has had any other experience with this and knows of a solution?


We’ll need a bit more info. You have your own Rhino.Compute server running?

Hi Luis,

No i’m just using the Rhino server on AWS, passing an authToken that’s linked to my license.


I don’t think we have a server running for people to use anymore.

Ah i see, has this been taken down within the last few weeks as it was working for me previously?

I believe the test service was shut down sometime last year. You can follow the guid Running and Debugging Compute Locally with C#, VB to get started. Of course look at all the other guides as well: Compute Guides with C#, Python, VB