503 Error?


For at least a week now I haven’t been able to access compute.rhino3d.com from anywhere, am just getting 503 errors. Did the url change?


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Sorry, I wanted to make sure that the expiration feature in the Rhino 7 WIP actually worked and then the weekend came… I’ll try to get a new version of the server up and running tonight.

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Thanks mountains. Not doing anything important, just wanted to make sure I didn’t break something on my end.


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Ok; this might take a day to get back up and running. I’m seeing some problems with compute and our latest V7 codebase that I need to dig into.


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I got compute.rhino3d.com back up and running, but it is limping along. I still need to make some changes so the web server appropriately restarts and will look into that tomorrow. You should be able to call compute again now. I may need to take it down for a few minutes here and there tomorrow while I figure out how to get compute properly registered as a service.


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Ok; that wasn’t too hard. Compute is back up and running properly

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Thank you! I saw this while on the move yesterday and was able to visit the sdk.

I went to test this morning though, got an error (SocketException: An existing connection was forcibly closed), and now things are 503 again.

Small tangent question: I tried setting up a google cloud instance using the instructions here. Does that instance, when running, still depend on compute.rhino3d.com to work?



I somehow managed to set up a compute instance, but it hasn’t worked for any function call so far. The app will successfully send a request but get a blank response. Stackdriver keeps saying opennurbs.dll is the culprit (log image attached).

The service also stops each time this happens. I’m a bit out of my depth here, but is this something I can debug or is it tied to compute.rhino3d.com being down? Was hoping I could get this working so I could stop bothering you about anything that happens to the public one.


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The server shouldn’t have anything to do with compute.rhino3d.com since it is just it’s own stand alone version of the same thing. I need to dig into this a bit more, but may not get to it right away (leaving town for a few days to go to a wedding in Pennsylvania)



Ok, thanks for the heads up and the clarification. I’ll keep tinkering with my copy and see if I can’t get it to work, or at least explain better why it’s crashing.



Just going to be collecting information I come across while debugging. Unsure what’s actually useful:

It’s consistently crashing, even within try-catch, in EndPoint.cs at line 286: invokeParameters[i] = jsonobject.ToObject(arrayType);.

When calling CurveCompute.CreateBooleanUnion on two overlapping circles, this is the input going in:

inputs.txt (1.7 KB)

I used ProcDump to watch the process. When I accessed http://<ip>:<port>/sdk from a browser it started throwing Exception: E0434352.CLR about every second, but it still showed the sdk and kept running. When I actually sent a request through, it crashed at the above line with C0000005.ACCESS_VIOLATION. I have the dump file handy, if it’s useful.

The Stackdriver logs are still blaming opennurbs.dll. And one time, the GCP dashboard responded with some details:

Will keep debugging and see where I can get…


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Some recent change in the code looks like it messed things up. We probably need to make a fix in the core and issue a new V7 WIP release.



I rebuilt against an older version of WIP I (luckily) had handy and things worked. Thank you for being able to interpret the mess and taking the time while traveling.

Edit question: if I hadn’t had that earlier version, is there a way to rollback in case something like this happens again? If not I’ll just make sure to start saving them.


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I’m back to working on this. We do build V7 about three times a day and keep those installer permanently on Amazon S3 so it should be easy to get a different version at any time.


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compute.rhino3d.com is back up and running now. I also updated the compute github repo if you want are working on your own local instance.

Sorry about the outage.

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Thank you, I’ll try updating mine and will let you know if I break anything.