Rhino.Compute Server

Hello everybody,

I was trying setting up a new local server, since compute-348 I used for the last months is not working anymore…

for this I’m following these instructions

can someone tell me how to set up this:

// start listener and unpack HttpListenerException if thrown
// (missing urlacl or lack of permissions

Thank you so much for your help!

I don’t think it’s an issue with compute.
Have you tried this
C# – HttpListener Zugriff Verweigert Fehler beheben › Digital Native (assuming you are speaking german)
or this
windows 7 - HttpListener Access Denied - Stack Overflow

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I changed the port to 8085 and now it works :thinking:

The next problem is that code that generally would work (it worked for the last months) isn’t any more.

what happened with the Json decoder an Grasshopper?

To me it seems like there is something went wrong with the evaluation.
I"HTTP/1.1 500" - Status 500 means “Internal server error”.
Can you upload your rhino.compute logs?
Your flask application can’t find a json response because there probably is none due to the error.

And please rename your topic to something more meaningful