Rhino.compute in aws

I installed rhino.compute in ec2 using bootstrap script

Using postman when i try healthcheck it returns healthy

When i try version, i get Internal Server Error.

Do any other endpoints work (ie ‘/activechildren’)?

Also… and I’m not sure if this matters or not… but I noticed that you included the port number in your second URL (ie. :80) but not in the first URL. Have you tried removing that to see if that helps?

activechildren returns 0

Also how do i start debugging. Is there any log file?

Can the issue be due to the fact that i am using 90 day free trial?

Are you running the rhino.compute server locally? Or on a VM?

Virtual Machine (VM) instance on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
I am using EC2

If you’re running this on a VM then you have to use a valid core-hour billing license, not any sort of evaluation license. Are you sure you put in the correct auth token when you ran the bootstrap script? When you start Rhino on your VM (just double click on the icon on the desktop) does it start normally? Or do you get a message saying that you have a license error?

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I am getting a license error
I got the auth token from https://www.rhino3d.com/compute/login?

You will need to follow this guide to setup core-hour billing. Once you retrieve your auth token from the license portal, you’ll need to run the powershell script at the end of this guide in order to save it as an environment variable. You can’t set it via the environment variable dialog because the token is too long. One you save the environment variable, restart your VM and then try launching Rhino and see if it starts correctly. If it does, then you should be able to send GET requests and get a valid response back.