Rhino compute crashing after hitting custom endpoint


I have created custom endpoints and after calling them it is giving as expected results but at the end compute server stops giving an unhandled exception as below

Any suggestions what can I do here ?


Hi @Shivam_Mahajan,

This isn’t enough info for us to provide any help. Are you debugging this locally?

– Dale

I have created one plugin in rhino which takes step file and using rhinocommon api I am performing some geometrical operations on that step file. Now I want to use this plugin on cloud so that I can take step file from user through frontend, for that I am using the compute repo I cloned from compute.rhino3d I am running the compute for testing on my local machine through visual studio. Now I have created one custom endpoint for my plugin which I am calling from my frontend providing a file to that plugin. now compute server sometimes runs till end and gives correct result but sometimes it get crashed put a message like above

Hi Shivam. As Dale requested, are you trying to test this locally? or on your VM? If you’re just testing this locally, then my recommendation would be to download the Hops plugin from the package manager. This will automatically start an instance of Rhino.Compute every time you launch Grasshopper. By default, the Rhino.Compute console window is hidden, but if you want to see the output from the console you can go to the Grasshopper Preferences → Solver and then uncheck the toggle to “Hide Rhino.Compute console on startup”. You’ll then need to restart Rhino and Grasshopper for the console to appear in your task bar.
Next, you need to make sure your plugin is installed correctly in Rhino. If it is, then theoretically it should also get loaded properly in the Rhino.Compute instance that gets started when Grasshopper starts up. To test if your plugin is installed, you can use Postman to send a GET request to http://localhost:6500/plugins/rhino/installed. If you’re running this locally and you haven’t specifically defined an environment variable for your API key, then you shouldn’t need an API key to be included in the header of this request. This endpoint should return a sorted dictionary of all the plugins that are installed by Rhino.
If you’ve made this far, then now would be the time you can start sending requests to your custom endpoint. Do you get any specific crashes now? If so, can you post some screenshots of what the console window is showing you? Or provide more information as to what you did when the instance crashed?

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