Rhino Common Radial Dimension


just a short question regarding the RadialDimension in C#. The constructors described in the Help file are not there…I am offered only an empty constructor:


any idea where the problem is and how to solve the creation of a Radial Dimension? (Other Dimensions are working fine…)


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it is not new RadialDimension()

But RadialDimension**.** (dot)

After you press dot you get a list of properties:


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It was just a surprise that the constructor cannot be found, although it is there listed in the help file:


And for all other dimensions it works…thanks again!

I see them both…



thanks…thats weird…maybe it has something to do with the SDK version… Its weird because for all other Dimensions its there, except for Radial…but I guess Create will work fine…

I have this same issue. It’s visible in the documentation but I cannot see it in Visual Studio.

Hi @gruedisueli,

If you are referencing RhinoCommon using a NuGet package, you might consider updating.

– Dale

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