Rhino Beta: `ModifyObjectAttributes` triggered on selection/deselection of NurbsCurve-like objects

If this is expected behaviour, forget about it! But it seems a bit strange, as in userspace, unless you actually do something with the selected object, the attributes do not change, therefore the event is not needed.

To reproduce:

  • add a handler to RhinoDoc.ModifyObjectAttributes
  • draw a curve/circle/polyline
  • select it, do nothing, then deselect it
  • watch the event trigger

For meshes, breps, etc. this does not happen.
I’ve hacked my way out of it by returning if the e.OldAttributes is the same as e.NewAttributes.

private void RhinoDoc_ModifyObjectAttributes(object sender, RhinoModifyObjectAttributesEventArgs e)
  //Prevents https://github.com/speckleworks/SpeckleRhino/issues/51 from happening
  if (Converter.getBase64(e.NewAttributes) == Converter.getBase64(e.OldAttributes)) return;
  //Do other stuff

This does not seem to happen in R5.

Hi @idid,

I am not seeing this behavior. I’m testing with the SampleCsEventWatcher project on GitHub.

We’ll need some more info or perhaps a sample plug-in project that repeats what you’re seeing.

– Dale

This behavior is also happening here ( working with Rhino 7). curves are triggering ModifyObjectAttributes event when deselected,
eventUnselect.gh (3.2 KB)
code is taken from here

Edit: Ok, this has been previouly further analized. Stiil finding a solution for this “by design” behaviour. @dale has McNeel any proposal for a workaround to this? I need to avoid this event triggering when user select/unselect curves. I tried to use @idid method but, didn’t find in .net library this “GetBase64” method. Seems that is a custom implementation, and I dont know how to implement this myself. How can I compare if OldAttributes and NewAttributes are identical? Thanks

ok, I found @idid implmentation of getBase64 method. Implemented in python and properly working.

def getBase64(obj):
    ms = System.IO.MemoryStream()
    return System.Convert.ToBase64String(ms.ToArray())

For those reading this: to find out wether the event notification re object change is warranted, we just compare the hashes of the old object and the new one. If they’re the same, skip it.

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