Hello, I’m new to Rhino and have few questions:

  1. is it possible to use a web form to communicate with Rhino? For example, I enter the part number via the web form and if the server doesn’t find the model file already in archive, then it will send request to Rhino to generate the model file using instruction written in Python.

  2. does Rhino need to be running in order for Python to use the code “import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs” ?


This is possible though not exactly easy. Rhino is not set up to run as a service in the background and it will take a bit of effort to make sure things like dialog boxes don’t pop up and block the application. Your server application would need to launch Rhino using automation and instruct it to perform some operations resulting in a new file. I know some other people have been successful at doing this type of operation, so I know it can be done.

Here is a wiki page explaining automation of Rhino using VB, but
Here is another example of automating Rhino using C#