Rhino app for iPadOS

Just a couple of comments…

  1. decals with alpha are not handled correctly. The alpha shows up black

  2. I’m assuming that linked models do not work. Not a big deal.

It’s a great little APP.

@mkarimi , fyi…


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I’m not seeing that here. Can you provide a file that has this issue? You can email it to me privately if you like. morteza@mcneel.com

I assume you’re talking about linked blocks? They’re not supported in iRhino and I believe it’ll be complicated to support. I’d make a feature request but I recommend embedding your blocks if possible

I’m finding that some decals handle fine and others do not. I’ll try to investigate a little to see what the differences are.

As far as the “linked blocks”, I do understand that it would be complicated for iRhino.


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Same thing here for me. I used an image with no background as a decal and it looks great in render mode. It doesn’t appear in the other modes and has a black square for the alpha channel in IRhino. Is there a way to correct this. Apologies if I missed the solution.

We can try to fix the issue if we can reproduce it. Would you be able to share the file that has this issue?

I’m in the process on filing the patent on the product, so I can’t post it here. But I could probably reproduce it on something else. I’ll try that and then post that. Thanks again.

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That sounds even better. A simple reproducible case is always preferred.
You can send upload it privately: Rhino - Upload to Support