Hi all! I am new here and looking for a used Rhinogold license

Hi I am a full time goldsmith that works full time in Vermont. I have been using Rhinogold 5 at my work and am enjoying it .I want to use this powerful tool to make my own designs at home. I just bought a laptop to spec for this program, and am looking for any one who is selling their license for version 5 or eariler. I am only looking to buy a legal commercial version, but cant afford sticker price.

Have them update! Current is 5.13…


Thanks, I believe we do now

I think he is referring to using TDM`s Rhinogold version 5.7 at work @pascal. Not sure if he realises he needs both a RG and a Rhino license but when I read his post again I realised he is only talking about Rhinogold.

I do know i need Rhino., I can afford rhino. its Rhinogold that’s beyond my budget.

@Adam_Ungar RG used to be very affordable up until V4 IMO. Nothing in it after that made me want to upgrade. I hear that the render now in V6 is quite good…but I don`t do renders and the cloud stuff does not interest me.

You might be better asking on one of the jewellery specific CAD forums to see if someone no longer uses RG. I would check with TDM/Stuller about the transfer before parting with any money.

I know I had a lot of trouble with just a reinstall after Stuller bought them out. One of their trial versions of 5 or 6 messed my computer up so I did a reinstall.

RG told me my license belonged to someone else when I went to reinstall…left me hanging for a while before they fixed it. Had to get the reseller who sold me the licence to get involved despite having all my records.

Good luck.

Hello Adama,
I have a RhinoGold 5 license that I would like to sell. You can contact me at jimwilk61@gmail.com.
Jim W.

Hi Adam,

I am looking to sell the following Rhino Licences:

RhinoGold 6.0 Basic, Commecial Single License. Includes
RhnoGold 6.0, Swarowsky Elements, 1500 Jewellery Elements,
Arion Render Studio (watermark).

Rhinoceros 5.0 commercial software, single user licence.

Let me know if you are still looking,


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Hello Lpascaris,

Is your Rhinogold license still available?

If anybody is selling their Rhinogold license, please let me know.


please email me if you still have these available

the 14kt@gmail.com

I have RhinoGold 6.6 for sale. And possibly Matrix 9

Do you still have Rhinogold 6.6 or matrix 9 ?

Hello All,

I am a jewellery designer and I am new here.
I am interested also to buy the second-hand license for Rhinogold 6 pro. If someone has some information or would be interested to sell me own license, please let me know.

Also, I woudl like to ask for advice people who already got the original program in this way. On what I should pay attention to be sure that transaction will go safe and without not nice surprises?

Thank you!