Hi all! I am new here and looking for a used Rhinogold license


Hi I am a full time goldsmith that works full time in Vermont. I have been using Rhinogold 5 at my work and am enjoying it .I want to use this powerful tool to make my own designs at home. I just bought a laptop to spec for this program, and am looking for any one who is selling their license for version 5 or eariler. I am only looking to buy a legal commercial version, but cant afford sticker price.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Have them update! Current is 5.13…



Thanks, I believe we do now


I think he is referring to using TDM`s Rhinogold version 5.7 at work @pascal. Not sure if he realises he needs both a RG and a Rhino license but when I read his post again I realised he is only talking about Rhinogold.


I do know i need Rhino., I can afford rhino. its Rhinogold that’s beyond my budget.


@Adam_Ungar RG used to be very affordable up until V4 IMO. Nothing in it after that made me want to upgrade. I hear that the render now in V6 is quite good…but I don`t do renders and the cloud stuff does not interest me.

You might be better asking on one of the jewellery specific CAD forums to see if someone no longer uses RG. I would check with TDM/Stuller about the transfer before parting with any money.

I know I had a lot of trouble with just a reinstall after Stuller bought them out. One of their trial versions of 5 or 6 messed my computer up so I did a reinstall.

RG told me my license belonged to someone else when I went to reinstall…left me hanging for a while before they fixed it. Had to get the reseller who sold me the licence to get involved despite having all my records.

Good luck.


Hello Adama,
I have a RhinoGold 5 license that I would like to sell. You can contact me at jimwilk61@gmail.com.
Jim W.