Rhino AI export

It seems that Rhino is exporting AI in a very early version of AI. My laser cutting software refuses to import an exported Rhino AI file and it claims that the file is of a version that is too old. If I open the Rhino exported AI file in CorelDraw and then save it as AI version 8 then the laser cutter software is happy. Is there a way to make Rhino export AI to a later version of AI?


the old version seems very stable to me. so personally i would not be happy to see it peplaced.
maybe two versions, illustrator 3 and illustrator cs6. i think it is not be necessary to have a drop down menu with various ai versions.
basically i would be more interested in learning:

  • how the nurbs are translated to beziers
  • if and how the rhino beziers are converted.
     (maybe even have a preview)
    i have to admit, i never digged very deep into that so maybe i am missing something.

Hi Adrian- thanks, I’ll see if we can do something about this.

Bugtrack item -


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