Rhino 8 Worksession Section Styles

Hello everyone,
The section style is a new feature of Rhino 8 making it perfect comparing with the previous versions, but I am dealing with a complex architectural project, so I seperated all my files to get together by using worksession of Rhino. Despite the fact that I have already adjusted the section style for all layers in each different worksession attachments, as I create a section in main worksession file, it behaves there is no section style. In short, there is nothing inhereted from each different files about section style to show the hatches as I had adjusted. What is the solution of that case?

Thanks for the report.
Can you please post a simple example that we can test with?

I have been running into the same issue where I am trying to work session several architectural models together to assemble a quick drawing set. However the section styles are either being lost or are not being referenced correctly across the inactive files.

@wim can you please help investigate this issue?