Rhino 8 solution for windows server

Hello everyone,
please how to run rhino 8 on windows server. I cannot reinstall the system (I need windows server). If Rhino doesn’t run on virtualize environment I can’t see a solution.
I’m still using Rhino 6.


On Windows Server you have to use core-hour billing: Rhino - Licensing & Billing

Thank You very much sir!
What exactly do I have to do if I have an old single-computer license (Rhino 6). Do I need to install the license manager? Who is the direct license provider and to whom are the fees paid?


I’m not sure I understand the question, but for license and payment help you can contact sales@mcneel.com

Ok. As a last resort option. If I “downgrade” my Windows Server 2022 on the workstation to Windows (or Windows Pro workstation), can I use a standard “single computer” Rhino licence?
Thank You in advance for your answer.

On a regular Windows 10 or Windows 11 installation (Home, Pro, etc) you can use the standard license yes.

Thats a great news! Thank you very much.