Rhino 8 _ScriptEditor on Mac

When opening the _ScriptEditor, Rhino 8 will open with an earlier loaded .py script, which is nice but if the _ScriptEditor can’t find this .py file (because you renamed it or moved it to another map) Rhino8 will crash. After that you are not able to start the _ScriptEditor without crashing, untill you put the original .py back in the map it was before. Anyone else experienced this ?

There should not be any crashes. It should show an error on the status bar that it does not find the script previously open. I’ll make sure to test this when I get back to my mac laptop on Thursday. (I am at AU 2023 right now)

Back from AU 2023 ?
If so, could you give it a look ?

Okay I made a minor change to this code but I could not replicate the crash on my Windows machine anyway. This is what you should see:

  • Is it macOS or Windows?
  • Would you mind submitting a crash report? Rhino when crashes, places a text file on your desktop with some crash info. That would be very helpful also

macOS: I installed the latest Rhino update (Version 8 (8.1.23325.13002, 2023-11-21)) and I can’t reproduce the crash anymore. I presume case closed. Thanks for your response.

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Great! Thank you!