Rhino 8 Popup Windows Size Resetting

Wasn’t sure how to title this, but some of the popup windows in Rhino 8 are not remembering their resized settings.

For example with the ChangeLayer popup window: I resize it so that it’s thin, but pretty much the entire height of my screen. It does remember its resize when running the command again, but if I run the Purge command then the ChangeLayer popup window resets back to its default small size.

For example with the Xnurbs plugin: I resize the popup window to show all the options, but when I close its window and relaunch it, then the popup window resets back to is small default size.

Which is weird, because tons of other popup windows for commands I often use all remember their resize with no issues: Edge Analysis, Detailed Mesh Options, Curvature Analysis, Curvature Graph, and EMap.

Hi Derek - so among the Rhino ones, ChangeLayer is not exactly behaving as expected, correct? Any others?
I see that change on Purge.
RH-78621 ChangeLayer: dialog size and Purge


That’s correct, ChangeLayer is the only Rhino one I’ve seen this behavior on so far.