Rhino 8 in PortraitMode

Would it be possible to remove/reposition or reduce the size of the Units readout in the status bar?
I only use Millimeters and would prefer, if the Units was not occupying a large area in the StatusBar but rather was available when rightclicking GridSnap.
The reason why is the introduction of Gumball in 5 and AutoGrid in 8 which are not possible to see, if you are using Rhino in PortraitMode on a SurfacePC.
It would also be nice if the GridSnap, Ortho, SmartTracking tools could have their names truncated or we could have an option to display just F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10 and have AutoGrid and Gumball assigned to F3 and F4 respectively as the default.

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I would also myself like to see a bigger Layer space into the status bar. The default one it is too small, good only to display the Default layer but unfortunately can’t accomodate a Layer and sub-Layer name entirely. Something like Default::Layer_number7 or a layer with longer name than 23 characters.

Please create a new topic for anything not related to this topic. When you are working in PortraitMode you are NOT interested in a larger area set aside for what you have a seperate PANEL for allready.