Rhino 7 WIP Layer Scrolling "Jump" - is this intended?

Working in Rhino 7 (7.0.20098.14255, 4/7/2020) with a model with a large number of layers - enough to require scrolling of the list. When I scroll to reveal a layer and then click to turn it on/off the scroll bar often “jumps” to some different position. This is a nuisance to me. A quick comparison with a different file/model in Rhino 6 did not show the same behavior. Is this an intended behavior, or is it a small bug?

I can share a short 1.6 MB MP4 that illustrates the behavior (I’ll try to upload that)

. I could also share my Rhino 7 .3dm file if that would be helpful.

I have the same problem at this moment so not in the wip.
is there a solution to this already?

That issue is coming since Rhino 5. And another awkward moment is when tabs “jump” out of their position.